2088:Humans is 8,888 generated side profile characters with over 500 hand drawn features. These 8,888 of them are war-torn society with mutated ability from lab experimentations.


  • About

The year is 2088. Neo-Koguryo. After many years of wars, the world has finally had enough. It has left the generation with unwanted and lab experimented humans. Crazy lab experimentation has caused some of them to possess out of this world ability. Telekinesis is one of them.

Some choose to hide it, and only few could master it.

And as always, chaos and doom are bound to happen at a place where law is not enforced. To maintain peace and control, the energy of Yin and Yang has taken the forms of humans.

They are called The Eight Balancers of Life.

  • Specs

Each 2088:Humans is randomly
generated from over 500 traits.
All hand drawn.
All 538 of them.

Each of them is designed to
be unique and personal.

Just like humans.

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The artist. The creator of 2088:Humans.
All we can say is, he is an award-winning artist and is in the film industry.


Technical Director.
Dev lead


Front-end designer.


Assistant Illustrator.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A flat price of 0.055 ETH + Gas Fee.

The first batch of 2088:Humans will consist of 8,888 NFT only.
Nope. NFT and IP are two different things.
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